Analyzing FantasyPros’ Top Fantasy Baseball Players for 2022

Generally speaking, FantasyPros is THE go-to site for all fantasy sports data, rankings, and analysis. They do a great job of producing relevant content and making it easy to digest for the average fantasy sports GM. However, I am going to have some beef with their recent list of top fantasy baseball players for the 2022 season. Buckle up.

Rank 1: Fernando Tatis, Jr. – Padres

Here’s the thing about Tatis: he is a very talented young player with boundless upside potential. He could even win the NL MVP award in 2022. Something about that lingering shoulder injury from last season just leaves me with questions, along with the organization he plays for. The Padres are not aggressive as an organization and struggle to gain market share in crowded California. With Tatis being essentially their only star, and recently having come off an injury, the Padres could (and probably should) choose to be cautious with his use. Not the hallmark of a number one overall player.

Rank 2: Trea Turner – Dodgers

Believe it or not, I don’t actually have an issue with this ranking. For the past 5 or 6 years, you could literally pick any player from LA’s locker room and be on solid fantasy footing. Will it be Trea this year? Seems likely. Hitting .327 will put you near the top of any list.

Rank 3: Juan Soto – Nationals

Here’s my biggest beef with this ranking, and again, it has to do with the organization as a whole. Washington is not going to be an aggressor this season in free agency. Last season they traded away ace Max Scherzer to the Dodgers. The supporting cast for Soto is not going to be up to par with, say, even the rest of the NL East. Again, with Soto being the club’s most valuable asset, it seems likely he will see lots of days off once June and July roll around.

Rank 4: Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. – Blue Jays

I like this ranking as well. Leaving 2021 with a .311 average will put you toward the top of any list. Hit that well with power, and you’ve got a chance to be the top fantasy player for 2022. Guerrero Jr. did just that last season with an astounding 48 home runs. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Blue Jays make some noise in September and October of 2022 with the duo of this guy and Bo Bichette.

Rank 5: Jose Ramirez – Guardians

Ramirez is a wild card for me, too much so to have a top-5 fantasy ranking coming in to 2022. While he has better organizational support than, say, Tatis and Soto, he only hit .266 in 2021. Also contributing to what I believe could be an underwhelming season in 2022 is the fact that Ramirez is 29 years old. The majority of the guys on this list are young guns, and despite injuries, they have the raw talent and numbers to back up their top-5 status. I would move Ramirez out of the top 10.

All in all, I only really like 2 of FantasyPros’ top-5 baseball players for 2022. There are lots of guys missing from this list that I feel should be included. I will actually put out my own list of the top-5 fantasy baseballers in my opinion a little later on, but let’s just say that stats play a much bigger role for me than talent. Stay tuned for more great fantasy baseball content right here.

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