Here’s Your Optimal DFS Lineup for 10/3/2021 – DraftKings

Quarterback – Patrick Mahomes

This one might seem a little too obvious, but there are several reasons why Patrick Mahomes is THE QB1 for week 4. First, he plays the Eagles, a defense that has been struggling since their dominating performance against the Falcons in week 1. Then again, haven’t we proven that their performance was just due to the Falcons being truly AWFUL? Anyway, Mahomes also has a super high floor. In DFS formats he is averaging 29.7 PPG, just behind Kyler Murray, who is averaging over 30. High floor and big boom potential are why we are all over Mahomes as QB1.

Running Backs – Mike Davis and Derrick Henry

Davis has the benefit of playing the reeling Washington Football Team defense, whose front 7 has not lived up to the hype this season at all, and well, when you have Derrick Henry (league’s best running back) against the Jets, you just take that matchup regardless.

Wide Receivers – Robert Woods, Davante Adams, Curtis Samuel

This group maximizes upside by having the dynamic Samuel, who is playing the truly AWFUL Falcons defense, and Davante Adams, one of the most consistent fantasy producers in the league. Robert Woods is a bit of a wild card here, feel free to replace him with any players at the same value or under who might have a better matchup.

Tight End – Evan Engram

While Engram has not had really any fantasy results to write home about, this is kind of why we love him in this spot. Daniel Jones plays so much better on the road, and getting Engram potentially finally healthy will give him another target to distribute to. We think that for Engram’s price at the TE position, this gives you a decent floor and much more flexibility throughout the rest of the lineup.

FLEX – DJ Moore

What even needs to really be said about Moore so far this season? He has been virtually unstoppable. Throw man coverage at him, he will burn you down field. Throw zone at him, he will find the holes. Sam Darnold is coming alive in his new home in Carolina with Matt Rhule, and this only plays to Moore’s benefit.

D/ST – Detroit Lions

For the value, you are getting an extremely favorable matchup against the newly minted starter in Chicago Justin Fields and a seeming anemic offense with little ability to adapt to his skillset. Time to bite some kneecaps, folks.

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