Cole Kmet Will Finish as a Top 12 TE in 2021

Coming off a productive end to the 2020 season, Cole Kmet is expected to see an increased role in the offensive scheme per Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy. Nagy went out of his way to emphasize this in a press conference last Wednesday. With an expected increase in usage, we can make several assumptions about productivity for Kmet in 2021.

So then where does one draft Kmet, assuming that you haven’t already completed your numerous fantasy drafts this preseason. The answer is pretty simple – the last round. Literally nobody is taking Kmet per the FantasyPros consensus rankings vs. average draft position chart. The highest average draft position Kmet has seen is 199th overall. In my opinion he’s worth the last or very late round pick. You might even be able to get him on waivers.

As of the writing of this piece, we still don’t have a solid starting QB in Chicago. Many assume that this will hurt Kmet’s production, but I argue otherwise. Should Justin Fields get the nod at any point this season, Kmet will be just the safety valve that he needs when he gets into trouble behind that not so great Bears offensive line.

So, when considering the case of Cole Kmet as a top 12 tight end for fantasy football in 2021, we have several things pointing in this direction. The increased usage in Matt Nagy’s offense, the low draft capital cost or potential waiver wire option of acquisition, and the fact that a tight end is the quarterback’s best friend when he needs to get the ball out quickly.

Get ready for a breakout season for Cole Kmet.

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