Here’s Why Tom Brady is the Overall QB3 in 2021

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Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen are going to be QBs 1 and 2 this year in Fantasy Football, have no doubt. However, that begs the question…who will be QB3 overall? I have the answer to that and I have not seen one regular season snap this season from my guy. Tom Brady.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Kyler Murray, Dak Prescott, Aaron Rodgers, etc. However, in order to get a good indication as to what to expect this season from those quarterbacks, we have to answer a lot of questions.

For Kyler Murray, the question that is still begging to be answered is whether or not he will even have the same head coach at the end of the season. Kliff Kingsbury is still trying to prove that his offensive scheme can work in the NFL. Time is running out on that experiment. For Dak Prescott, we do not even know how his shoulder is going to hold up, or how well his ankle has healed from his horrific injury last season.

Aaron Rodgers remains an absolute enigma. I can’t think of one single reason to draft him this season with all the distractions that will be going on both behind the scenes and on the field, other than the fact that he has the top WR in the league in Davante Adams at his disposal.

All of the QBs mentioned have one or multiple reasons to show regression this year in terms of their fantasy football production. One quarterback that does not, however, is Tom Brady.

Brady will be surrounded by virtually the exact same supporting cast that he had last year, along with almost the exact same coaching staff. Continuity is always paramount when it comes to long term, steady fantasy production.

Even furthering the argument that Brady will finish as an overall QB3 are the numbers that he put up in the last half of last season once he got very familiar with the scheme and personnel of Tampa Bay and Bruce Arians. If you took the pace he was on stat wise from weeks 10-17 of last season and stretched those numbers out to 17 games, he would have over 5,100 passing yards, 45+ TDs, and a completion percentage of over 66%. If that does not boost your confidence that Brady can finish as a high-end overall QB for fantasy in 2021, I don’t know what will.


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