Why You Should Draft Corey Davis as a WR2 in Fantasy Football

Let’s face it, the New York Jets have had about 50 years of bad football. Even worse for us fantasy managers, they’ve had many years with little or no star power and fantasy relevance. However, I believe with the addition of a few key pieces, the Jets are on the right track for fantasy – and actual – relevance in 2021 and beyond.

Starting with the obvious, the Jets finally moved off Adam Gase, and therefore his horrific offensive schemes which almost killed the careers of Ryan Tannehill and Sam Darnold. Addition by subtraction, if you will.

Adding to that, New York went out and got “their guy” in the draft in April with the addition of Zach Wilson. To this point in preseason, Wilson has looked to have a live arm, smooth release, and the ability to move the pocket under duress. This bodes well for the fantasy prospects of other members of the offense that has struggled so badly in recent years.

Enter the addition of Corey Davis, a promising young receiver from the Tennessee Titans (my team, not happy we let him walk by the way). Davis, according to Pro Football Focus has been targeted by his new QB, Wilson, on an astonishing 77% of routes run this preseason. To date, he is the only receiver above 50% in that metric.

Comparing his preseason numbers to other WRs with similar targets, his production in terms of yards ranks 3rd. The only receivers with higher yards with the same number of targets are Diontae Johnson and Terrace Marshall Jr., both of which are getting a lot of love for their preseason performances.

I firmly believe that New York as an organization, and an offense, is trending in the right direction. Cory Davis is going to be a huge part of that resurgence, and will finish this season as a WR2 for fantasy football, which is where you should take him in your draft.

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