Best RB Values For Fantasy Drafts

Finding value in your fantasy football drafts can separate you from average GMs and take your team from zero to hero overnight. When you talk about value, which in draft terms means ranking vs. ADP (average draft position), there aren’t much better examples than Darrell Henderson and Mike Davis.

Darrell Henderson is going to assume the starting role at tailback for the LA Rams due to the terrible injury to Cam Akers this offseason. Yet, it appears as though his draft value has not caught up to his actual value yet.

Henderson’s ADP according to FantasyPros is 71st overall. However, his ECR (expert consensus ranking) is 44th overall. That is a +27 differential, meaning that he is significantly undervalued.

On top of his value versus ADP, anyone who knows Sean McVay’s offense can tell you that it’s complicated, and Matt Stafford, as bright as he is, is going to need a safety valve those first few weeks. Who is going to step into that role? Darrell Henderson.

The other half of the undervalued duo is Mike Davis. I will admit, Atlanta does not run the ball all that much. They do have Matt Ryan, a perennial top fantasy QB and a bunch of talented young receivers for him to get the ball to.

However, we are very close to kickoff of the regular season and the Falcons have yet to add a free agent back to compete for the RB1 role. Therefore, Mike Davis is going to get at least the league average touches for an RB1.

Davis’ ADP, 61st overall, puts him at a late 5th to early 6th round pick in a 10 team league. While his ECR according to FantasyPros is 58th, only a +3 differential, that is not the ultimate determining factor of value in this situation. The mere fact that you can get a solid RB1 in the 6th round gives Mike Davis value enough for me.

Regardless of which back you end up with, Davis or Henderson, you’ll have found good option and not have given up a top pick to get them.

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